Epigraphic conventions

- Epigraphic conventions

Lost text
[------]One lost line
------Lost lines, quantity unknown
------?Lines possibly lost
[...]Lost characters, quantity known (one point for each lost letter)
[---]Lost characters, quantity unknown
[abc]Restored text
[abc?]Uncertainly restored text
+Illegible characters (one cross for each letter)
[[---]]Erased and lost, quantity known
[[...]]Erased and lost, quantity unknown (one point for each lost letter)
[[abc]]Erased but legible text
[[ [abc] ]]Erased and illegible but restored
<<abc>>Text struck over erasure
Abbreviation expansions
p(ius)Abbreviation fully expanded
p(ius?)Abbreviation uncertainly expanded
p(ius\a)Abbreviation uncertainly expanded
ABCLetters are clear, but their significance is uncertain
ạḅc̣Damaged or unclear characters
<abc>Supplement of omitted characters
a̲b̲c̲Text visible to previous editor
'an'Ligatures, letters joined together in a nexus
(sic.)Sic erat scriptum
(!)Sic erat scriptum
{a}Superfluous characters
<v=l>Correction of erroneous characters
L̅X̅I̅Supralinear lines

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