A, Spout/Press-bed
Ab, Apse
AM, Monolithic arch
Ar, Arbor
B, Anchor-stone
Ba, Tank, basin
Balustrade, Balustrade
BS, Block with wedge holes
Bz, Bazina
C, Counterweight
Ca, Quarry
Cadran Solaire, Sundial
CF, Siphon pipe block / cut-stone pipe
Ch, Capital/Capital (pillar)
Ci, Cistern
Cl, Keystone
Cn, Channel
Co, Column
Cs, Corbel, console
Ct, Catillus
Cy, Cylinder
D, Dolmen
Ep, Inscriptions
F, Window
FC, Illegal digging
Fo, Fountain, or element of
Fr, Frieze
G, Gremium, catcher
Gu, Socket for a beam guider
H, Hanout
Ky, Moulding
L, Lintel
LA, Lintel with slot/groove (Press element)
Lb, Labrum
[ ], Positioned but not drawn on the map
Lc, Lacunar, coffered ceiling
M, Door or window jamb
Mi, Milestone/Milestone’s base
MM, Mola manualis, hand quern
Mo, Mortar
MO, Miliarium of a crushing basin?
Mq, Mosaic
Mt, Meta, bell shaped lower millstone
Mx, Kneading machine
Niche, Niche
Nid, Nid
OC, Opus caementicium
OF, Opus figlinum
OS, Opus signinum
OV, Opus vittatum
P, Cistern mouth, well-curb/Well
Pb, Flat arch
PC, Carriage door
Pi, Pillar, pilaster
Pilastre, Pilaster strip, lesene
Pl, Pluteus, parapet
Poids, Weight
Qu, Quarry
R, Wheel
Re, Bas-relief
S, Threshold
Sa, Sarcophagus or lid of -
Se, Grave, burial
S/L, Threshold or lintel
S/M, Threshold or jamb
So, Architrave/Lintel
Statue, Statue
Tmb, Tomb
Tr, Monolithic arch
Tympanon, Pediment
V, Vault

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